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Trade with chemical products

Since 2004, the Grossmann Group has been a competent distributor of special chemicals for the oil and gas industry. The product portfolio includes high-quality reagents, additives and contact catalysts from globally leading manufacturers of the oil production and oil processing sector.

We offer complete solutions for the supply of chemical raw materials – from consulting and delivery to logistics management.  The Grossmann Group is an authorized distributor for a number of internationally recognized manufacturers in Europe, the USA and Asia. Due to our years of successful collaboration with leading major companies we have gained extensive experience in the field of natural gas and oil.



The Grossmann Group supplies a wide range of specialty chemicals whose usage significantly boosts the efficiency and safety of operating processes in oil production. These include:

-          Coagulation agents
-          Additives for oil production
-          Demulsifiers and additives for drilling solutions
-          Lubricants for drilling operations
-          Resin for the production of demulsifiers



In addition to the products mentioned above, the Grossmann Group also offers an extensive product line for the petrochemical industry, especially contact catalysts which ensure the efficiency of the technical operating processes.

The list of offered products includes:

-          Contact catalysts
-          Tert-dodecyl mercaptan
-          Methyl ethyl ketone (used in the dewaxing of lubricating oils)
-          MTBE
-          Monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethylamine (TEA)

The product portfolio is constantly expanding and adapts to the needs of clients from the oil-producing and -processing industry. The products supplied by the Grossmann Group satisfy the latest requirements and ensure the best-possible performance while complying with environmental protection and work safety directives.