Gas and Energy Systems

Fully automatic

On-Spot loading stations

Our fully automated On-Spot loading stations are used for filling the railway tank cars on one or two loading tracks. They can be designed in such a way that railway tank cars are transported to a high-performance On-Spot loading station and positioned under the On-Spot loading system by shunting system and the On-Spot loading systems are positioned in the right place on railway tank cars and loaded them.

It is possible to load railway wagons with a length of 12,020 mm or 24,040 mm.


Hydraulically operated telescopic loading pipes, which have been proven under the toughest operating conditions for many years, are used in On-Spot loading systems. Due to their structural design, these filling pipes are almost maintenance-free and guarantee high system availability.


The complete loading process is carried out in the closed system between the storage containers and railroad tank cars. In addition, an overflow detection system, which prevents exceeding of the specified maximum permissible loading level of the railway tank cars, is installed on each On-Spot loading system.