Gas and Energy Systems

We plan and build

Loading and unloading plants

We design and construct loading and unloading plants for the following areas:

  • Road tankers
  • Rail cars
  • Tanker

Road tanker loading
A clearly arranged design for petrochemical product facilities makes operating and loading user-friendly and compact. Computer technology with software especially developed by us and a sturdy steel design guarantees trouble-free loading. Our facilities are in operation for many years without problems.

For such tank facilities, maximum safety is essential. And exactly this point must be addressed more than anything else today. Easy handling of our system components allows short loading times.

Rail car loading
Rail car loading stations for loading and discharging liquid gases.

We have realised such loading stations for the complete product range of the petrochemical industry in on-spot and row design.

The loading system is characterised by a high safety standard. All field measurement data are recorded by a computer system developed by us and visually displayed.

Loading ships
Loading and discharging facilities for inland and see-going tankers are a main focus of our range of services.

Port facilities for loading and discharging products:

  • Petroleum products (petrol, kerosene, LPG)
  • Products in the chemical industry
  • Natural gas supply NG and LNG

are equipped with special loading and discharging systems.

The downstream pipe network with pump station as well as the corresponding system components allow

  • the storage of shipping products in storage tanks
  • discharging products out of storage tanks into ships