Gas and Energy Systems

Think autonomous

Automation and electrical engineering

Manufacturing companies in Germany are on the threshold of Industry 4.0. This includes, among other things, the further development of technical innovations in processes and products to create a high-tech strategy.

All modern facilities are made more efficient and offer better quality and greater flexibility by the introduction of open automation solutions.

Each machine or process stage is equipped with a powerful automation level, collected data are analyzed on-line and allow further optimization of operational procedures, a high system availability, and maximum system safety. Via OPC and other freely selectable international standardized interfaces our technology provides transparency right into the organization level of the entire plant while at the same time permitting networking with other process steps.

Automation technology:

  • Implementation of highly available and redundant automation systems, additionally connected to safety-related control systems in accordance with SIL. Experience with various international automation manufacturers; a large number of references for Siemens S7 400H and 400FH controllers.
  • Planning, design and installation of measuring systems, gas warning systems, fire alarm systems, video surveillance systems and implementation of the entire technology up to and including Ex-Zone 1.
  • Competence in the realization of complete SCADA systems with data transmission via internet, GPRS, DSL, wireless technology, redundant fiber optic networks, implementation of comprehensive data archiving and analysis, loggers, and reporting in accordance with applicable directives and standards.

Electrical engineering:

  • Calculation, design and realization of the entire electrical engineering side in a project, covering the incoming feeders, machine controllers, networking of components, and the design of cable route upgrading and wiring.
  • Maintenance, inspection and measurement of electrical low-voltage installations and wiring down to the field level.