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Wastewater treatment for municipalities

The GROSSMANN GROUP offers complete services ranging from engineering and the supply of components to turnkey system solutions for urban wastewater clarification, biological treatment, sludge treatment and also for increasing the efficiency of waste water treatment plants.

To meet your specific requirements, the GROSSMANN GROUP develops tailor-made concepts which ensure the stability of treatment processes and which meet resource and cost efficiency requirements.

With our broad portfolio of innovative solutions, we support the entire treatment process:

Mechanical preliminary stage
With various elements for mechanical pre-treatment and separation of solids and liquids, reception transportation and routing of water streams through stop valves, and including coarse screening, fine screening, grit removal

Biological stage
Biological treatment of wastewater and separation of soluble organic substances; system solutions for process efficiency, including preliminary and final clarification as well as stop valves

Preliminary and final clarification
aims at removing as far as possible all floating and settling solids and obtains clear water. To eliminate these impurities we employ robust and low-wear scraper technologies to deposit sediments in circular and long basins suitable for different installation situations and requirements.

Sludge treatment
Sludge thickening and sludge dewatering
Sludge treatment as the basis of economically viable sludge disposal and for the recovery of valuable raw materials

Advanced treatment
Separation of the finest particles as the final stage of the treatment process by using the very latest drum, microscreen and bottom-sieve systems

Pumping technologies

Operation, maintenance and repair

Special importance is due here to perfectly matched machinery in an optimum combination of products from the world's leading manufacturers and from local manufacturers with solid reputations.

With our marked orientation towards cost-efficiency we provide our customers with support all the way along the path to the best overall solution  – from consultation and advice during the design and planning phase up to an after-sales service you can depend on, even after commissioning.