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Wastewater treatment for industry

The Grossman Group has highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field of solution for industrial wastewater treatment.

Our portfolio includes all services from the initiation of a project and analysis, proposed solutions, process design to the complete construction of a wastewater treatment plant for industrial fields such as:

  • Refineries

  • Coking coal plants

  • Steelworks

  • Electroplating plants and

  • Metal processing industry

  • Manufactures of food commodities

  • Power suppliers, including coal and gas-turbine power plants, etc.

  • Manufactures of plane and household glass

and other tasks we deal with successfully

Our technologies take into account a particular industry and application:

  • Deactivation is provided in case of extremely high сyanide and sulphide content.

  • For separation of emulsified and free oily components and suspended particulate matters there is provided a pressure flotation with demulsifiers added.

  • Biological treatment, including:

  • clarification

  • denitrification

  • decrease of chemical oxygen demand

  • clarification with sludge discharge

  • nitrification

  • flocculation

  • secondary sedimentation

  • Mechanical final treatment, including:

  • heavy metals precipitation, if necessary

  • Sedimentation for sludge separation

  • Gravel and sand filtration

  • Sludge treatment, including:

  • thickening

  • sludge decantation by centrifugal separator, pressure filter, etc.

  • residue drying on filter by heating

  • Further treatment of purified water for recycling if it is required and cost-effective.

  • Ultrafiltration

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Concentrate evaporation