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Clean and gentle cleaning

Tank cleaning

Despite the high quality of oil products, it is not possible to prevent harmful deposits forming after a certain time in the tanks and other containers for storing and transporting oil products which takes place by sedimentation from paraffin, rust and sand. This leads to rust formation and container damage, and thus constitutes a danger to the environment.

In accordance with the current environmental standards, the cleaning of tanks and other containers for the storage and transportation of petroleum, petroleum products and chemicals calls for the use of state-of-the-art technologies. For the environment by waste-free, environmentally friendly tank-cleaning processes. For economic success through the recovery of petroleum products.

In this market segment the Grossmann Group offers the following complete solutions:

  • Development, design, manufacture and delivery of mobile cleaning systems, in particular for the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Conversion and construction of cleaning systems for rail tank cars before loading with petroleum products and before repairs.
  • Manufacture, installation and commissioning of bilge-water cleaning systems.
  • Development, design, manufacture and delivery of mobile cleaning systems for oil mud pits and oil-contaminated soils.
  • Manufacture of wash-out stations for the oil tanker fleet.
  • Distribution of technical cleaning products.
  • Engineering and design/development, design planning, manufacture and delivery of customized tank-cleaning systems:
    The Grossmann Group has a modern technology base, including research laboratories, design departments, production base and test sites.

On the basis of its many years of research and practical experience the Grossmann Group has developed a waste-free cleaning technology. The petroleum products obtained during the separation processes can be fed back into the production cycle.

We have acquired extensive experience from the successful completion of customized projects for leading corporations in the field of natural gas and oil.