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Solid-liquid separation / product filtration

In line with our objective of making the best possible contribution to sustainable environmental conservation and to the thrifty use of resources, the Grossman Group's portfolio also includes the field of 'solid-liquid separation / product filtration'.

In many processes solid-liquid separation is an essential and important procedure.

Basically, the aim, starting from a suspension, is to separate the liquid and the solid phases. The task here determines both the correct selection of the filtration process and also the technical configuration of the installation.

Although the process technology of solid-liquid separation may have a long history and offer much practice-based data, the applications in this field vary according to the industry and the particular application case, and are often bound up with new challenges.

These applications have a particular importance – coupled with considerable challenges – in the field of filtration, including the recovery of products and recyclable materials.

Here we offer a wide range of solutions for

  • Mining

  • Chemical plants 

  • Oil refineries

  • Food industry

  • Animal feed and biofuel technologies.

Given the fact that the customer requirements are continually increasing as regards selectivity and throughput while at the same time high operational reliability is demanded, the tasks which the Grossman Group faces as a plant constructor are also constantly growing. Working together with the manufacturers of plant components and filter media we offer optimized customer- and application-specific solutions.

The following are some of the units from leading manufacturers which we use for this:

  • Filter presses

  • Centrifuges

  • Separators

  • Belt, disk and drum filters

  • Screw compactors, belt thickeners and belt screen compactors

  • Thickeners and flocculation installations.

We thus offer optimal innovative solutions which secure the most successful results for our customers.