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Drinking water treatment

Water as the basis of life

Drinking water is one of the most important resources.
Contamination of groundwater, the introduction of industrial effluents into rivers or water shortages means that many cities and municipalities are faced with big problems in producing potable water.

The systems which we plan and build are used for protecting and maintaining this precious substance. Our portfolio includes solutions applicable to the individual conditions in every country and region in which we operate. Drinking water is obtained from springs, wells and surface waters such as rivers and lakes.

Drinking water treatment plants include a physical and chemical treatment of the raw water, with iron removal, manganese removal, softening, disinfection, destabilisation, precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration (sand, active carbon), ultra-filtration, ultraviolet (UV) treatment and so on.

Depending on local conditions and following a comprehensive cost-efficiency analysis we employ our proven expertise to constantly seek the best solutions, taking into account the parameters of service life, operational safety, ease of maintenance, investment costs and operating costs.

In close collaboration with our customers, we make our contribution to keeping people supplied with the number one nutrient – drinking water.