Environment and resources / Water Systems

Think autonomous

Automation and electrical engineering

The natural resources of our world are limited; sustainability and alternative energy generation are current topics on the rise everywhere.

Here too, we can offer comprehensive services and provide references in the field of complete solutions including the necessary electrical and automation technology. A fair number of the services listed in the oil, gas and chemicals field also as far as we are concerned apply in the resources field.

Our points of focus:

  • Storage capacities and recovery of the excess generated energy with the highest possible level of efficiency.
  • Solutions using accumulator and converter technology in conjunction with high-availability controllers and data transparency.
  • Planning, design and installation of measuring technology, warning and monitoring systems, video technology, and SCADA systems.
  • Modernization measures in drinking-water supply and distribution, reduction of water waste and energy losses.
  • Solutions in the wastewater field for optimizing biological processes with the aim of improving effluent values and yielding sustainable energy savings.
  • Complete planning and design of new sewage treatment plants, as well as individual modernization measures for existing plant sections.
  • Complete machine and automation solutions for rainwater treatment facilities and rainwater retention basins.