Großmann Overfill protection©

Monitoring the filling level and protection against overfilling are two important requirements for safe fuelling processes. Liquid Discover®, Großmann’s own development, has safeguarded fuelling facilities for years around the world under extreme operating conditions. Liquid Discover® is used in explosive areas of ex-zone 1 and 2. Because of affording the usage in the temperature categories T5 and T6 Liquid Discover® can be used within the most extreme environmental conditions. Concerning of consistently development over the years and consistently modifications to the current state of the art, Liquid Discover® can be used for monitoring all types of liquid fluids, in particular also foaming liquids. Liquid Discover® can also be modified for the overflow protection of acids.

Großmann Coupling©

The Großmann coupling is characterized by its outstanding workmanship and its adjustment to rail cars. Worldwide the Großmann coupling is used when loading rail cars with liquid gases. Großmann’s own development has proven itself in practice and is suitable for many pipe diameters. The Großmann coupling, Engineeringed in Germany for use around the world.